Twitter is one of the most popular social networks. A lot of celebrities have twitter accounts as it is has the latest technology. Twitter has a great following amongst networks and for this reason many sportsmen and celebrities have resorted to twitter compared to other networks. There are numerous reasons why celebrities and sportsmen keep tweeting to stay in the spotlight. Here are some of the following:

Stay connected

To stay famous, celebrities need to give something to their fans every now and then to fuss over. They keep tweeting to stay connected. The fans hold their breaths waiting for the next tweet from their favorite celebrities and sport stars. The celebrities use this attention to stay under the spotlight by releasing a personal life detail or an interesting comment through a tweet. This keeps the people satisfied and the celebrities famous. They have the best option to get followers from In this way being connected is really easy for them.

Staying connected to their fans is extremely important for celebrities. If they do not do so, their fans might lose interest and lead to the downfall of their stardom. Hence tweeting to get famous is imperative.


When the celebrities tweet, there is an overwhelmingly enormous response from the fan base each time. Fans respond with re-tweeting the celebrities’ tweets and soon the tweet becomes famous, spreading on social media like fire in the forest. Such massive response waves have been known to shake the internet up. Often hash tags used in tweets go viral and bring the celebrities a lot of publicity and fame.


Often for the promotion of a movie or novel, celebrities invent hash tags that go viral. These hash tags act as search engines as well. If you click a hash tag, all the tweets with that hash tag open up.

Sportsmen and celebrities also live tweet. This is often when movie stars or television series stars like to tweet throughout their movie or drama. It is almost like direct conversation as people can retweet the celebrities’ tweet and the celebrity can retweet the fans’ tweet if he or she chooses to. System of live tweets creates hype for the fans and brings the celebrities a lot of fame.

Career Promotion

To get famous, tweeting is almost considered the key. As a lot of celebrities are on twitter, celebrities can watch out for their competitors too and maintain their place on the social network as well. Twitter is not only for celebrities to connect to their fans but also for celebrities to connect with other celebrities. Often the tweets between famous celebrities become the hot topic for gossips and talks. The limitations on characters used in a tweet ensure that the tweets are short and witty, eliminating the possibility of long and boring tweets. This also makes it easier for celebrities, as they have to just give only a small detail or give only a curt comment on a topic, maintaining the character limit in the tweet.

Maintain Trends

Tweeting is trending globally. Sportsmen and celebrities have to be on twitter to keep up with the trends if nothing else. Tweeting keeps the celebrities in the loop and promotes their careers.

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