Sahara DesertIntroduction

Sub-Saharan Africa is a diverse region constituting of almost 47 countries, stretching from the savannas south of Sahara desert to the valley of cape’s coastal mountains. In more than hundreds of cities of this area, the prodemocracy demonstrators are dominant and taken over the towns. Many promises have been made regarding the open elections for this area, and major reforms have been presented to improve the relationship of governments with their citizens but all in vein.

Despite these steps, almost 70% of people in sub-Saharan Africa which includes Sahara desert are not allocated with their rights and civil liberties. The humanitarian crisis has covered this land, apart from humanitarian calamity many natural calamities have also been bestowed on this land. The combination of drought and hurricane makes the situation worst. Civil conflicts along with economic downturn have made 60 million people suffer. A quarter of the total population of this land has faced poverty, malnutrition political conflicts natural disasters and etc.

Morocco and large floods

Sahara desert and all the countries it comprises off are often hit by natural disasters. Morocco, for example, was hit by a very large flood that moved down the mountains heading towards the small village of Berber. This flood crossed the river banks and caused much damage in the town. All the crops were swept away by the storm; the road that leads to agoudim was damaged and thus was permanently closed. The river took away most of the houses along, causing to life damage as well.

These issues were stayed unaddressed by the government and led to the falling quality of life in a rural part of Morocco.

It is expected that the climate change will cause such damages to get worse. This is going to cause the temperature to rise and precipitation to fall. There is now a very thin line left between the old issue caused by the environmental damages and the new issues resulted in the overall global climatic changes. But all the significant signals pinpoints specifically to Morocco and the people living there. Due to which it is very important to provide special attention towards it.

It has been studied that the adversely changing climatic conditions can cause the agricultural production to slow down in the area by 40%. Farmers living in these areas will be adversely affected specifically because their life is more dependent on the weather conditions.

The role played by Moroccan government

The Moroccan government has launched a plan called marocVert which means green morocco. It was designed to modernize the agricultural sector of the country by better productivity and improved efficiency of resources. But this plan worked only for the large farmers as it helped in improving the inputs, this plan also had a second phase which worked specifically forsmall farmers by providing the better quality disease and drought resistant plants and crops.

The Moroccan government has worked to improve the overall conditions, but nothing can be improved by making the environmental conditions better. Pollution and Climatic changes have to be brought under control to avoid more issues being faced by Saharan countries.