Instagram is another social media website. Like Facebook sharing feelings, emotions and achievements, Instagram broadcasts a visual snapshot of a moment. One can share feelings, emotions, and achievements in the form of pictures, gifs, and videos.

The Necessity of Instagram in our Society

Instagram serves various roles as a single entity. It gives another dimension of communication across the world. A single click of the moment helps in better transfer of emotions and feelings on the other side. Instagram let alone has opened the world for students, business companies, advertisements companies, religious and cultural movements, entertainment media and public to express themselves with less effort and ease to everyone anywhere. It gives a person a sense of individuality, and a choice to buy instagram followers cheap as he publishes and shares his own life event pictures and videos with his loved of the best thing about Instagram is that once you upload a picture it remains there forever.

Why use an effective way of posting pictures on Instagram?

Instagram currently hosts millions of users daily. Millions of photos and videos are posted every day and they generate likes in billions. So, what is required to post catchy pictures on Instagram and get numerous likes?

Upload a high-quality image

On an entire platform like Instagram, images are the key to narrate your story. Post photos that are authentic and original. Use high-quality and clear images. Avoid old photos.

Direct people to your bio

Your true personification is your bio data. You cannot write comments and captions in Instagram like other platforms. so Bio is the only place visitors can get to know you. Use those 150 words of bio to lure people to your pictures.

Do not post many pictures in one day

Unlike other platforms, when you multiple times on Instagram in one day it gets bizarre. People do not want their news feeds loaded with pictures from one account. If you have assembled a lot of content, try uploading over a few days. It will draw more likes.

Do not post already posted pictures

You want it to be recognized as an individual‘s effort. Do not post pictures that already seem staged. Upload fresh content.

Choose a perfect Caption

Spend some time on your caption. Ask a question, call for action, invite people to tag their friends.

Hash Tags

Use hashtags only if they fit your caption. Do not use more than 4 hashtags.

Instagram Camera and filters

Do not use instagram to use photos. Use your mobile phone’s camera. Pay attention to white balance, camera exposure. Keep your scene simple. Try to keep yourself in the centre. Do not jump to brighten your picture. Add some contrast to give the coulor more pop. Use warmth, saturation, shadows and highlights and sharpness where needed.

Theme follow a theme in your pictures that matches already uploaded pics.

Be strategic

Use a strategy to upload your pictures. Focus on the current picture and the third one because new one will appear with second one and above third one.

Be keen and focusing when uploading photos on instagram. Keep all these features in mind, you will definetly be able to understand what is required to post catchy pictures on Instagram?