Renewable EnergyWhat is renewable energy?

It is a form of energy that is generated through natural processes which are continuously replaced. These natural processes energy formation takes place by sunlight, water, geothermal heat and different forms of biomass. This energy can very easily be renewed due to which it is called renewable energy.

The form of energy we most commonly use is extracted from the earth. We use the earth’s resources to get what we want like electricity is a form of energy that cannot be extracted directly from the earth but has to be made.

Coal and natural gas are made from fossil fuels and are now extracted from earth for making energy. The main problem with the extraction of natural resources is that they take billions of years to be replaced or regenerated. So once you have consumed them, they are finished forever. Also, fossil fuels are now one main reason behind the depletion of the ozone layer as their consumption contributes towards pollution.

Types of Renewable energy is more expensive than non-renewable energy, as its production cost is very high. Their presence is available only in some remote areas which make them more unique. It, therefore, requires power lines to be made to provide access to the cities from its resources. One more problem with renewable energy is that its resources are not always available throughout the year. Their availability is most dependent on climatic conditions and is seasonal.

For example, on some cloudy days, the electricity from solar plants cannot be extracted and days with slow wind will reduce the productivity of wind farms.

The types of renewable energy are

  1. Solar energy

The renewable energy is mostly produced directly and indirectly from sunlight. It can directly be used for providing heat and lights to home and buildings. For generating electricity, it is being used indirectly as it goes through different processes to get the end product.

  1. Wind energy

The Wind is the most powerful form of waves, its energy is captured by different production plants like wind turbines, and it converted into energy. The rotation of earth is also the main contributor towards wind

  1. Biomass

The sun air and water helps make the plants grow. The organic material available beneath and above the mud which helps make the plants grow is called is used to produce electricity which is called biomass energy.

  1. Geothermal

It is another form of energy that taps the internal heat of Earth for many different uses.

  1. Hydrogen

It can very easily be found in organic compounds and water. It is found in most abundance on earth. It is also known as anenergy carrier.

  1. Ocean

Ocean waves are used to produce thermal energy by the combination of heat from thesun and mechanical energy of waves.

  1. Hydropower

The flow of water creates energy that is being captured and is transformed into electricity. This type of energy is called hydropower energy.


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