Acne is a problem that is commonly occurring in the adults and teenagers. Both male and females suffer from this issue and often it is left untreated. The reason behind getting acne can be anything such as hormonal change or diet issues. Some people also use medicated or chemical products to get rid of acne but all those products come along with a number of side effects creating more problems for skin. To get an easy solution for all such people, a really economical solution is the use of essential oils for acne treatment. Lavender Oil is considered to be the best oil among all the essential oils since ages. This is most popular because of providing relief to a huge range of diseases. This article will provide information about how to use lavender oil for acne problem.

Features of lavender oil

The main benefit of using lavender oil is that it helps a lot in soothing the damaged area of the skin. The nerves in the body are calmed down and this gives a soothing effect to the whole body especially skin. Maximum benefit can be achieved by inhaling the lavender oil. The reason behind getting acne is considered to be stress most of the times. The problem can be solved easily by reducing the tension. Also, the skin that has been damaged because of acne can be cured by repairing the scars occurred in the skin. Lavender oil is really helpful in repairing the tissues of skin in many ways.

Usage of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is used in the treatment of acne in many ways. The most commonly used and easy way of using this is diluting it with water before applying on the skin. Almost one to four drops of oil will be spread easily on the skin if they are mixed with a tablespoon of water. If anyone has serious acne issues, the mixture of four parts of tea tree oil and one part of lavender oil will be really effective. If this solution is to be applied on the skin of young children, it should be further diluted in warm water. This mixture of lavender oil should be applied on the skin by the help of cotton. This is not a dangerous treatment and will definitely bring some positive changes in the body.

Benefits of using lavender oil

This is the best solution for the treatment of acne. No irritation or acne is produced on the skin by the use of this oil. Also, when any kind of breakouts occurs on the skin, they can be cured by using this oil for a longer period of time. Skin rejuvenation, as well as the removal of impurities, forms the pores takes place by the use of this oil. These are the benefits for which people do a lot of effort and a person using lavender oil on the skin can easily have them. This is the best therapy in itself for multiple skin issues.