Charity to donateHere are some of the ideas for selecting best charities to donate to. This criterion is based on the world requirements and trends. It is not important to follow a fixed pattern while donating to a charity but a recommended criterion helps in fast selection. In this article, you will go through certain variables like poorness, health, disease, hunger, poverty, credibility, funds availability and region. These variables are considered for selection charity organizations and making donations in the true sense. A little bit wrong decision may deprive someone of you extra funds and a little care may benefit someone deserving. So don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with your friends.

1.     Welfare

There are a number of welfare projects that include best charities to donate to. Each project has its rating. This rating is based on the funds spending, and its efficacy. Similarly, it also depends on the donor and their preference. However, anytime of welfare project with high rating can be considered as the best charity organization.

2.     Animal Health

There are organizations worldwide working to stop animal breed extinction. They usually keep animals and provide them accurate environment. If you love animals and want to save them, then this is the best charity. Recently Chinese charities helped save the extinction of Polar Panda.

3.     Cancer & Aids

The Recent spread of cancer and aids in third world countries is alarming. There are multiple western and developed countries that have charities for this purpose. Most of them have sufficient funds and technology. Whereas the organizations like SKMT in Pakistan lacks the funding and have high rating all over the world. So one should prefer cancer and aids charity belonging to third world countries while making donations.

4.     Child Labor

Underdeveloped countries of Africa and Asia have more child labor index. They have more population and small members of family work instead of studying. Helping them through charitable cause can be the best act in 2017.

5.     Environment Protection

If you want to save the earth for future generations, then environment protection departments are the best charities to donate to. They have their websites, and one can find them to make a donation. However, more work for saving the environment is done in developed countries as compared to third world countries.

6.     Veterans

Do you love the people who have sacrificed for the country? There are a number of charities that help the disabled veterans of war. Both Muslim and non-Muslim countries have veteran support organizations. These help them to continue their life and contribute to the society.

7.     Women

A major population of Women in Asian and African countries is deprived of basic rights. They are not educated properly. So if you want to support the equal contribution of women in society, then women rights organization can be best charities to donate to.

8.     Education

There is a significant need to increase the literacy rate in underdeveloped countries. There are free school organizations that are also best charities to donate to in 2017.